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In performing the cutting, we see as our advantage our diverse machinery that allows us to choose the fitting forest machines for various conditions. Our machine operators have passed various levels of training in Luua Forestry School to ensure the quality of round stock and maximum profits for the forest owner. The look of the cut area after cutting is very important to us. Above all, this means correctly collected cutting waste, taking care of the ground, choosing suitable seed and old crop trees, quality of improvement cutting, etc.

We perform all types of cutting:

  • Care for forest cultures (removing herbs and inferior deciduous brushwood from around trees with an age up to 5 years);
  • Cleaning (in stands with an age up to 10 years);
  • Improvement cutting and thinning (as a rule, two stages in stands aged 10 to 50 years);
  • Clear cutting;
  • Cleaning of drains, roadsides, overgrown arable land, etc. for the purpose of producing wood pulp.

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